4 Simple Ways to Instantly Update A Bathroom

These steps are relatively quick and easy too, unless you’re like me with 3 kids 4 and under and are working in 30 minute increments or less! I also added a few steps by attempting to strip my vanities instead of painting them from the get go!

Anyways…let’s get started!


Step 1: Paint Walls

Even if you are keeping the walls the same color, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to help make a space feel new again. I am not a fan of the shade of yellow that was throughout our home when we moved in last year. I have made it my life’s mission to slowly remove the yellow from every single room…and as of right now I have 2 rooms to go!

We swapped out our yellow paint for Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. If you are on the hunt for other whites to paint your home, I love using this “cheat sheet” by Studio McGee!

Step 2: Paint Your Floor

Now, I know this is a scary commitment but trust me it’s a game changer! Whether or not you decide to stencil or keep it solid it is a sure and affordable way to revamp your space!

Here are the items I used for the flooring:

  • Krud Kutter – this is the most important step! Do not skimp on the cleaning because whatever doesn’t come up will get painted down and could potentially chip the paint.
  • Sandpaper – this will help make sure all the dirt and stains come up.
  • Nap Roller
  • Angle 2″ Paint Brush
  • Floor Stencil (optional)
  • Shur Line Trim and Touch up Tool – This was the tool I used to dab the paint on my stencil instead of a stencil brush. I opted for this because I had it on hand but it paid off! It was the perfect tool and it is a whooping $2!?
  • Rustoleum Floor Kit – comes with base and top coat. If you purchase the larger size, Gallon, be sure to buy the top coat. It is a NECESSITY! Everything will stick to the floor without the top coat. It took me wayyyy too long to get the top coat on, because well kids, and my floors got quite a bit dirty in between and it was tricky to get up! So get that top coat on ASAP! Once the top coat dries they recommend you let it cure for up to 7 days…I recommend 2 at a minimum, but the longer the better! I used “Ultra White” for my base paint, “Coastal Fog” for the large star and “French Grey” for the small corner stars.

3. Paint the Vanity

Are you catching the gist…paint, paint, and more paint! I attempted to strip the cabinets, but the quality of cabinet was 1980s builder grade and just made the bathroom look completely dated. I would advise that if you want to strip your vanity start with a small section so you can see the wood grain before you put in all the effort.

Even though stripping the vanity set me back, I did have the surfaced all prepped and ready for paint. I chose French Beret by Benjamin Moore, which was the perfect blend of charcoal/grey and blue/grey which complemented the new floor paint so well!

Step 4: Update Hardware + Fixtures

This is a very affordable way, depending on the options you choose, to completely transform and update the space.

For the vanities I spray painted the knobs a brassy/gold and added these marble/brass knobs to the cabinet doors. I really love the mixed metal look going on right now and thought adding in some matte black fixtures would be an easy start!

I updated the faucets, towel ring, and toilet paper holder with Pfister products, and my goodness I am obsessed! First of all, I was able to install them with no prior experience. Trust me, if I can do it you can too! It was so easy and such a good learning experience.

I used their Ladera Collection in Matte Black and it is so sleek and adds a delicate touch of modern to the space!


And to think this all started when I installed a new window treatment… Goodness gracious I just can’t help myself!

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