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Baby Girl’s Nursery E-Design

A Coastal Twist on a Classic Design

As is the case with most of my own design projects, I usually start with a piece that inspires me. Typically it is a piece of art or a rug, so this time was a little different. I stumbled across a color palette on Pinterest and my mind took off. I already had a color palette in mind, but when I saw this new palette it immediately usurped all other plans I already had going.

I felt like these colors were just me in a nut shell. They were cool but soft and coastal with the perfect touch of modern. I could picture this nursery almost immediately, which doesn’t happen often (usually its a slow build).

I could see a soft pink accent wall surrounded by cool crisp white walls. It’s no secret how much I love Clare Paint (you can read my first review here), so it was a no brainer I’d use their paint for this space as well. I’ll be using “Wing It” for my soft pink accent wall and “Snow Day” to give the other three walls that crisp white look. I could see how brushed gold hardware would create the perfect balance and bring just the right amount of warmth to the space. Because this is my third baby I already had a bulk of the furniture essentials, aside from a dresser which I plan to second hand and redo.

I began hunting for the perfect accessories to complement my color palette, I hunted for a rug first, because if I could find one that fit my color palette perfectly, then picking decorative pieces would be a breeze. I lucked out when I found this Rifle Paper Co. rug, because it is spot on!

Next, I knew I wanted to turn to window treatments. I knew the rug and window treatments would make the most impact in conveying my color scheme so it was important to make sure these coordinated tastefully and not too matchy-matchy, something I hate!

Window treatments can be expensive and its something I struggle the most with to spend money on. Nonetheless, it also makes one of the biggest impacts on a space. It is so easy to see cheap window treatments from custom, the detailing and pleating really says it all. But, I’m not about to drop a grand on window treatments in a nursery. I love this baby girl and I know she’s going to cost me an arm and a leg throughout her lifetime, but I’m going to do this in a cost effective manor.

I resolved to make the curtains myself. After all, I used make nursery bedding so I do know my way around a sewing matching. All I needed to do was pick a fabric, which I found pretty quickly…and became obsessed with almost immediately.

All decisions were made for the big stuff (crib, dresser, rocker, rug, windows, etc), so next it was time to add some of the fun little accessories. I went to one of my favorite brands, Annie Selke and the pieces just started falling into place. Below are the items that I’ll be putting throughout her room.

Links to products above: 1 2 3 4 5 6

All that was left to add was a little dresser decor/art pieces. I actually found these by chance…the one piece was a cover photo for a sales ad and when I clicked on it the second piece came up as “other things you may like” gotta love when that happens!

Links to products above: Abstract Seascape Be You Framed Canvas

Add all the things above together and you get the perfect mood board to follow to set those plans in place! This is my favorite part of the design process, the piecing together of all the products like a giant digital jigsaw puzzle.

Be sure to follow along over the next couple of weeks as I bring this space to life! I’ll be painting next week (hopefully) and making the curtains! Be on the look out for a curtain tutorial blog post!



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