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DIY Elephant Head Mount

A Serena & Lily Hack: Week 3 of the One Room Challenge

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Ever since I created the E-Design for the playroom, I’ve become obsessed with the look of a mounted animal head, a faux one that is…you won’t find me sporting any real taxidermy any time soon! The elephant head I placed in the design was from Crate & Barrel (you can find that here), and though the price point wasn’t terrible it was still too much for what I wanted to spend on a playroom project.

So, I began to search for other options and other companies who sell similar products. And that’s when I stumbled upon my beloved Serena & Lily. They have the CUTEST mounted elephant head, but it’s probably not shocking at all that it comes with quite the price tag!

I looked at this elephant for days. I kept coming back to my computer and looked at it over and over again. I started reading the description and it just hit me. I could totally make this!! I couldn’t find a single DIY on how to do this, but the more I stared the more it came to me!

So, here is my DIY version of the Serena & Lily Elephant Head! (side note: I am in no way claiming my version is better, but would you rather pay $168 or make it yourself for less than $25…that’s the question!)


Total Project Cost: $23.77


  1. Fold your fabric in half, sketch out your design, and cut design out.
Note: I am creative but cannot draw worth a darn! Just keep sketching until it looks right!

2. Sketch out two cone shapes on your white felt, these will function as the elephant’s tusks, cut these out.

3. Fold the cone shape in half and sew it shut. Place the cones in between your elephant pieces and sew the elephant shut, leaving only a small opening at the top to stuff.

4. Trace elephant’s ears and cut out cardboard to place in ears.

5. Sew along the inserted cardboard to keep cardboard in place. This will also prevent any of the stuffing to go into the elephant’s ears.

6. Mark elephant’s eyes with a sharpie and then insert the craft animal eyes.

7. Stuff with polyfill.

8. Insert a piece of cardboard to the back side elephant (this is so it will lie flat when hung) and sew opening at the top closed.

9. Attach ring hanger to the back of the elephant. You should feel the screws go into the cardboard piece.

10. Hang your elephant!

And here is a sneak peek at the gallery wall that will be hung on the wall. Still debating if I should spray paint the shelves white or not…the walls will be a deep navy so I think it might be a nice contrast!

I am honestly so proud of this elephant. Probably prouder than I should be to be honest! This is however the first time I have had an idea and came up with my own format on how to create it…I am the Queen of running to Pinterest to solve my problems!

I hope you enjoyed week 3 of the One Room Challenge and that this tutorial was helpful and interesting to you. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer as best I can! Also, if you try this tutorial please let me know or tag me @fraicheandco! I’d love to see it!



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