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Declutter + Make Decisions (ORC Week 2)

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Now, before you start scrolling for some impressive before and after photos let me remind you that this is a PROCESS! I have to remind myself of this as well…I’m one who loves immediate gratification! This week may not be impressive from a birds eye view, but from up close WOW did I figure a lot out! My scattered mama brain has a much clearer vision for this space – how it can be functional and stay organized!

This week for the One Room Challenge, my focus was on three things:

  • Declutter
  • Select Paint
  • Select Rug

Decluttering is HUGE for me and my mental space. I have to declutter before starting a project, otherwise things get in the way which makes it hard to have a clear idea of the space. I am not an organized person and a bit scatter brained, so taking the time to declutter and make a space functional makes all the difference.

Below are the before and after pics of my decluttering. Now, when it came to the toys I had no mercy…I mean I was pretty dang ruthless! Anything that was missing pieces was getting tossed. Anything the kids throw across the room and don’t actually “play” with was gone. I tossed out any puzzle that was missing a piece, any truck that was missing a wheel, and I honestly don’t know that I have ever felt more joy!…joking but it felt amazing!

I moved every toy that was not educational to the basement, with the exception of their cars and train tracks since these are the only two toys they consistently play with on a daily basis. I kept all the arts and crafts, ABC and 1,2,3 toys and anything musical because I felt this could be a great space for learning as well.

As you can see from the pictures, our new activity table came in as well! This is the Carolina Grow-with-you Activity Table from Pottery Barn Kids. This table is amazing, and not to mention has already saved me a bunch of headaches not having to tell my kids to stop banging on our new coffee table! This table is not your typical kids table, its a little bit lower, only 15″ off the ground, though I did buy the extended legs for when they get a bit older. The best thing about this table is that it has a ledge, so when my kids let their cars ZOOM across the table they don’t go flying off! Highly, Highly recommend!

Next up, I chose paint colors! This was tricky for me because I wanted to go the safe route and choose a brand and color(s) that I already love. But, I also know that this project is a chance for me to explore and try new things. I opted to try out a new brand, Clare Paint, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts!

Here are the colors I chose, Snow Day for the wainscoting and Goodnight Moon for the walls.

The last thing I did this week was decide on a rug for under the activity table. Now I don’t know about you, but rugs are a big decision for me. For me, a rug makes the space, so choosing the right rug holds a lot of weight and could alter my design plans (which isn’t always a bad thing)! Nonetheless, it can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially when the options are endless! I ended up going with Well Woven Rugs and when you go to their site you’ll see why this decision was so hard! I ended up choosing the Zuri Vintage Medallion, I just loved the little bits of terracotta and thought it would give the space just the right amount of warmth.

Thank you all so much for following along! Stay tuned next week…a lot of things will be changing!



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  1. Morgan, great job this week! Decluttering is a big job; I always feel stressed when there are toys everywhere and I have to cut back! Love the colors you chose, and the Well Woven rug is gorgeous! They have so many good ones. Xo, Caitlin

  2. I’m the same way with decluttering – I couldn’t even come up with a plan for the room I’m doing before I’d cleared it out! Love love love those paint colors. What great names!

    1. It always feels so good! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see the paint on the walls!

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