Get the Look: Front Porch Round-up

You don’t have to have a magnificent porch to be able to decorate it. Even with a small stoop, like ours, just adding a few touches can make your exterior look welcoming.

Here are a few key ideas when decorating any porch that will knock the design out of the park!

  • Layer
    • This is especially important when decorating a small porch. Layering rugs will make the porch overall look bigger and therefore more inviting
  • Planters
    • Our stoop was too small to have two, but if possible always have two to frame the front door. Also, depending on how deep your porch is use the layering trick above to add two smaller planters in front to really give the porch some dimension.
  • Focal Point
    • More often than not, the front door should be the focal point. I really don’t know of a good instance where it isn’t. That being said, place something on the front door that will bring your eyes up and make you want to walk right in. A simple wreath will do the trick, but if you want something really unique be sure to check out these cute ideas over on Pinterest!
      • Even I am about to ditch my wreath for something a little fun and the epitome of welcoming…can you guess what it is? I can’t wait to share it soon!
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