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Living Room Spring Refresh

Spring is in the air and the living room is getting a new look. Simple swaps can completely transform a space. Sharing my Living Room plans and a DIY that I’ve never done before!

Our living room has come a long way since we moved in almost 3 years ago. I always forget about the yellow walls, not sure how that can be considering they were EVERYWHERE! Literally the same color painted throughout 95% of our house. I’m not a big fan of yellow can’t you tell! HA!

I painted the walls almost immediately after we moved in. The main living area (living room, kitchen, hallway, entry) is painted Shoreline by Benjamin Moore. Its a gorgeous grey with cool undertones and mixes well with lots of natural light.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before - Listing Photo

The yellow was a change that needed to happen immediately. And you would’ve thought the boob light fan would’ve quickly followed, but here we are 3 years later and the boob light is still going strong. Cannot wait to say see ya to that eye sore!

Living Room Currently

Living Room Currently

Is it better than the original living room? Yes, but I feel like it could be even better. The truth is that our individual styles evolve. I’m not the same person I was three years ago, and my home that is a reflection of me and my family should evolve with us. So, let me show you the design I put together for this space.

Living Room Refresh Design

Vintage Chairs

I scooped up these two beauties on Facebook Marketplace for only $40! Can you believe it!? I plan on stripping them down to more of a natural wood tone and reupholstering the cushions to a nice ticking stripe fabric.

Vintage Cane Barrel Chairs Before

If flipping furniture isn’t your thing, don’t fret! I stumbled upon these Natural Cane Barrel Chairs and they’re gorgeous, with amazing reviews too!

Crate and Barrel Natural Cane Chair

Maeve Ceiling Fan

So long Boob Light Fan and hello you sleek beauty! I’ll be working with Kichler to finally say goodbye to the old and dated fan! I’m a firm believer that fans should either be the focal piece of a room, much light a gorgeous light fixture, OR it shouldn’t be seen at all! I went with the Maeve Ceiling Fan because I feel like it will just blend into the new design and space. I love the sleek design and that the remote can be installed right into the wall.

Maeve Ceiling Fan by Kichler

Coffee Table

I’m sure several of you are disappointed that I’m swapping my coffee table that I worked so hard on. While I love the table, a part of it still feels a little dated to me. I think its the bullnose edging around the top. It is a gorgeous table that only cost $40 from Facebook Marketplace so I’m not too sad to move it down to the basement. Our current coffee table down there is starting to break and I know this one will be a perfect fit.

I also wanted to add a bit more dimension in the space with wood tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of natural wood and will have bits of it, but want a little more depth too. I’ll be swapping it for this one, Senjo Wood Coffee Table. I love the more modern and sleek design and think it’ll really complement the space.

Senjo Coffee Table

Limewash Fireplace

Yup, I’m going for it. I love parts of the current brick in our fireplace, but it doesn’t all match. We have some brown bricks, which I love and some red bricks which I hate! So I am going to Limewash the bricks using Romabio Limewash Paint. I’ve never done this before, but I will be Youtubing and Googling like crazy until I’m practically a pro, that’s how most of my projects go! I’ll be sure to share step by step on Instagram stories and will even try and get a progress blog post up once it’s done. I’ll be using the color Cristallo, which is the perfect combo of a warm and cool white.

Cristallo Romabio Limewash Paint

I’m so excited to take you all along on this journey and show you how a few simple changes can complete transform a space. First up, reupholstering and stripping the Vintage Cane Chairs! Can’t wait!

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