New Blog and a Big Surprise!!

Welcome Friends! I am so excited to be launching this blog. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, but the jump seemed too scary! As I write this post I keep thinking back to a video I watched months ago. It’s of Steve Harvey talking to his audience after one of his shows (You can find it here). The main take away from this video is when he says, “When you jump, I can assure you that your parachute will not open right away. But if you do not jump, your parachute will never open. If you’re safe, you’ll never soar.”

Well friends, if you know me, this is the farthest thing from safe. I am a natural introvert and the thought of this blog alone makes me want to run as far away as I can! But I can’t. I can’t because I know I have a gift, and that gift may not be writing, but it is a gift that God generously gave me and to ignore it feels wrong.

So here it is! A Blog! A blog about this little Etsy Shop that is doing big things! I have made several products for mamas, mamas-to-be, aunts, nieces, grandmas, and friends, all for these little miracles that come into our lives. The number of messages I get asking for help picking fabrics, coordinating prints, choosing themes…its incredible! And I love it! I love every minute! It’s why I opened a shop to begin with! This blog will feature the nurseries that my customers are creating. It will showcase their vision, which they brought to life and which I played a small role in. The goal is to help others who may be confused at what they want for their little one. I will link nearly every product seen in the photos, including the items I sell and ones I do not. I hope with all my heart that this will bring people joy and ultimately help some mamas in need!

AND NOW!…for the news that I know you all are really waiting for!! The news that probably made you skip the first two paragraphs of this post! (I’m not offended…I’d do the same!)

YES! We are adding another little one to the family and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I figure that it’s probably time to share the news considering I’m almost 24 weeks pregnant and people in December are announcing their pregnancies and I’m sitting here due in September just keeping it all a little secret!

Liam is going to most likely be in shock when he sees that new little babe in my arms, but luckily he will be young enough that he will never remember a time without the baby. The two kids will be 17 months apart, give or take a few days.

Baby #2 at 20 weeks


Having two kids under two, or under 18 months really, will surely be a challenge and I’m sure there will be tears and stress and lack of sleep. But the joy and love and blessings these two babies are will make every tough day worth it. We are so incredibly excited and I’m confident Liam will be an amazing and loving older brother!

He seems pretty excited! Though he doesn’t quite understand why!

Baby #2 is also a boy! Which I am extremely excited about! Since they will be so close together I am happy they will be able to grow up together and play with the same toys. In a few years, they will go out front and play catch together and ride their bikes. I have a feeling that though things will be tough at first, giving Liam a brother as a friend will make life much easier down the road!

I look forward to having you all join us on this journey. And I hope this blog will enrich not only my life, but yours as well!



And here are a few more photos from Liam’s 1st birthday photoshoot that we decided to crash!

Linking outfit here: white jeans, top, necklace, sandals, bracelets

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