Nursery Progress | Paint Review, DIY Window Treatments, Hoop Wreath Hack

My personal review using Clare Paint for the second time and an easy way to save over $100 on a popular decorative design.

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I got asked several times this go around if Clare Paint is really “that good,” and the answer is simply yes. To each person I responded a resounding ABSOLUTELY! I was receiving so many messages like this that I ended up needing to talk about why I love it so much.

For starters, this is my second time working with Clare Paint (you can read my first review here). I reached out to Clare the first go around because I had heard great things about their paints and I loved the concept of getting paint delivered right to your door without needing to go to the hardware store…which if you didn’t know is REALLY difficult with two toddler boys! Clare agreed to work with me and sent me paint for the playroom that I was working on for the One Room Challenge. I started rolling out the paint and holy cow I was in complete disbelief! I rolled out the entire room in 30 minutes without it needing a second coat of paint. Why is this important?

  • Saves time (obviously)
  • Saves money – I only used a quarter of a gallon of paint for the playroom. This made Clare the same price, if not cheaper than most of the well known paint brands
  • Made me realize I will never use another paint brand again!

I had a professional painter look at the playroom after I painted it and even he couldn’t believe that “Goodnight Moon” (navy paint color) only took one coat. He said most of his navy paints require almost THREE coats of paint!!

So, when it came time to paint the baby’s nursery there was no doubt in my mind I would use Clare paint again. Now, would I really collaborate with them a second time if it wasn’t that good?? Most likely not, I would try and find a new paint brand. But, I didn’t. I reached out to them and I will continue to use them for all my other rooms because they are just that good!


Window Pane Fabric I Used (linked)

I love the look of a custom window treatment as much as the next person, but something I cannot get behind is the price tag. Even ordering from more affordable stores like Target, you’re still going to have to pay a pretty penny to get a well made drape.

I decided very quickly, when I didn’t want to shell out $100 a panel, that I would make my own. I spent around $70 on six yards of fabric, three for each panel and $35 on the window hardware. A total of $105, much cheaper than the $250 I would’ve spent if I had gone the Pottery Barn route I was leaning toward.

At 34 weeks pregnant (now 36) I needed to do this as simply as possible. I went ahead and nixed the idea of the “pinch pleat hem” at the top and I also skipped the side hems. The fabric comes slightly fringed on the sides, but is practically already hemmed because that fringe will not fray any further.

So, once the fabric was cut all I needed to do was hem the top and bottom, which I did using a “blind stitch hem” so the hem is invisible, and then I created pleats in the fabric by folding the fabric and taping it shut for 24 hours. This left pleat creases in the fabric when the tape was removed. Such a simple four step process, that looks custom in my opinion!


I feel like yall are getting the gist, I’M CHEAP! In all seriousness though…I loved the look of the floral hoop wreath trio as soon as I saw it on Etsy! But, you better believe my jaw dropped at the price tag on those things! Anywhere from $125-$175 for the set…and that was just for three! Imagine how pricey the 5 set hoops were!

So, when I found this wreath essentially pre-made for only $10 it became obvious I was about to tackle yet another DIY project! The supplies I used were simple:

This project was so simple I’m almost embarrassed to put it in a blog post! All I did was cut the floral stems, wrap them around the hoop and glue them in place. THAT IS IT!!

This project cost me less than $50 in total for all three hoops. $30 for the hoops and around $17 for the florals…would you believe that!?

That’s all I’ve got for now, working on the dresser and have some amazing decorative items I cannot wait to share! Stay tuned friends…baby girl will be here before we know it!



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