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One Room Challenge: Week 1 – Plan Reveal

I am so so thrilled to be a guest participant this fall for the One Room Challenge! What does this mean? This means for the next 6 weeks I will transform a room and keep you updated on my progress weekly, here on the blog!

So, what room have I decided to tackle!? It’s the PLAYROOM! Our playroom is directly off the kitchen, it is technically a formal dining room, but I wanted to be able to pop my head in on the boys if I’m cooking. I really did not want the playroom in the front of the house, simply because I did not want people to see a mess as soon as they open the front door. So, the formal living room will become the dining room (possibly a Spring One Room Challenge!) and the dining room will serve as a playroom.

Currently, our playroom is jam packed with toys. We have lots of toys and very little organization. This is something I hope to solve during the challenge. We don’t have a play table or activity table in there yet, so the boys have been coming into the family room to play on the coffee table. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS! We just got a brand new coffee table, and my pregnancy brain decided to buy one with a glass top (BIG MISTAKE!), if I don’t give these boys an alternate table quick this coffee table is not going to last long!

Here are a few before photos of what the playroom currently looks like:

And here is my design plan for the One Room Challenge!

Ottoman / Olive tree / Rug / Activity Table / Rocking Chairs / Chandelier / Console Table / Wall Shelves / Elephant Wall Decor / Alphabet Art / Catholic Saint Art

This first update on this space will be next Thursday, so stay tuned!



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