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One Room Challenge: Week 5 Update

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Week 5 of the One Room Challenge is here! Next week is the big reveal and I can hardly wait! Not going to lie…I struggled a bit this week. We were gone over the weekend which cut my 7 days down to 4, but really just 2 due to all the packing and unpacking that occurred!

So, that left me Tuesday and Wednesday to get my goal for the week complete. I wanted to tackle two things this week. First, spray paint the drapery hardware and get that rehung (easy peasy). Second, I wanted to do a DIY on our current chandelier.

A brand new chandelier wasn’t in the budget, but I knew the current chandelier just wouldn’t do. We just bought a new chandelier for the adjoining dining room, so the goal was to have them complement just a little bit better. I knew I wouldn’t have much time so I opted to go the simplest route I could take…I threw on a coat of paint and added some beads and voila I was done!

Now to be completely honest I’m not entirely sure I love it! Something just hasn’t sold me on the look and that is OKAY! I will stare at it for the next week until I either fall in love with it or something new comes to mind! I’m here to show you that things don’t always go as planned…but there is always so much to learn in the process!

Here’s what I bought for my little DIY:

  • 9′ strand of natural wood bead garland (may go back and buy more)
  • 100 piece white wood beads + white cotton twine
  • Metallic Gold craft paint + foam brushes

That’s it for the supplies…cheap and easy! I think the grand total for supplies came to less than $20!

It wouldn’t be a DIY reveal without a few before photos…

The steps were simple:

  • Paint Chandelier – I found that dabbing the paint on worked best.
  • String White Beads
  • Hang Wood Bead Garland

3 steps and I was done…now like I said before I’m not sure it’s complete, but hey its progress and I’m happy with that!

Let me know what you think! Should I keep the beads or toss them? Add more beads? Can’t decide! But what I do know is that I CANNOT wait until next week’s full reveal! Thanks for sticking around friends!



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  1. I triple vote yes on the beads!! They look really good and add character to the chandelier. The black walls and crisp white curtains look beautiful together. Looking forward to the reveal

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