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Powder Room Refresh with Milton & King

This whole project began when I stumbled across Milton & King. I spent hours on their site looking at all their wallpaper options, they have so many amazing designs. I knew I wanted to wallpaper the bathroom, but wasn’t sure which direction to take the design until I stumbled across Sarah Annie. I fell in love and the design took off!

I made a few adjustments to the design in an attempt to make the powder room as budget friendly as possible. Instead of purchasing a new mirror, I did a little DIY and stripped a mirror I already had down to its original wood tone. One thing led to another and a few other adjustments were made, all to say I’m so happy I made the changes because I love the final design.

With the final design set, I was ready to get started! I was a little hesitant since it had been a few years since I wallpapered a room and I knew hanging traditional wallpaper wasn’t easy. BUT! I was SOO WRONG! Wallpaper has changed drastically in just a few years, making this project so easy that I even completed it in my first trimester of pregnancy!

I’m not going to give you a tutorial on hanging the wallpaper, because Milton & King already mastered that tutorial and its the tutorial I followed when hanging my wallpaper. You can find that tutorial here on their blog.

It wouldn’t be a good reveal without showing you a few before photos…so here you go! This is what the powder room looked like a few months ago when we moved in!

Here is a list of everything I changed in the powder room:

  • Paint Cabinet (Involved Sanding, Priming, Buffing, Painting)
  • Added New Cabinet Hardware
  • Spray Painted Fixtures and Accessories
  • Stripped Mirror
  • Painted Tile Floor (you can find that tutorial here)
  • Hung Milton & King Wallpaper

All of that, lead to this result!

I will link all the items below and will also be adding all of the items to the “Shop Our Home” tab! (Please see “policies” tab for info regarding affiliate links!)