How to Style Kitchen Counters

Easy tips to style your countertops for a well designed kitchen. This post is sponsored by Wayfair.

Kitchen Counter Styling

Our Kitchen has come a long way since we moved in almost three years ago.

To most, our kitchen probably wouldn’t have been touched! It had white painted cabinets and nice quality granite countertops. And while the two paired together looked great, it just did not fit my style or the style I’ve created throughout the rest of our home.

I made simple and affordable upgrades to completely transform the kitchen.

  • Painted Upper Cabinets from a warm white to a crisp/cool white. – Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore
  • Painted the Lower Cabinets to give an updated two toned kitchen feel – French Beret by Benjamin Moore
  • I swapped all the hinges on the cabinets from exposed to a concealed soft close.
  • I upgraded the backsplash to a classic modern tile – Cloe by Bedrosians

The transformation has made all the difference in subduing my desire for new countertops. I hardly notice them anymore. The cool colors have really helped to pull out the yellow tones and adding fresh decor has really made me fall in love with this space.

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen After

Pair in Threes

You can see from the “after image” above the use of threes. Symmetry is so important in design and in how our minds grasp images and spaces.

I used this gorgeous wooden block, which comes in a set of two, to stack my cookbooks and hold pages. I also used it as a way to create a triangle by adding height for symmetrical purposes.

If you look beyond the cook books and wooden sculpture, you will see a much larger triangle at hand. I used a gorgeous piece of landscape art as a focal point and balanced the sides using natural wooden tones and textures. These help to play off both the print and the frame creating a symmetrical station, visually pleasing to the eye.

Like to know it Landscape prints

I have rounded up some of the other landscape prints I considered for the kitchen, you can shop them here. Digital prints are a great way to find unique art and at a great price point. The print I chose was only $11 and I printed it right at home!

Kitchen styling details

Who knew utensil crocks could be so pretty!? I picked up this one from Wayfair. I loved the size, it gives me the ability to store several utensils. I also love the two toned look that complements our kitchen’s modern two tone vibe. The wood tones on the bottom of the crock really help to warm up the space and draw in the other wood accents I incorporated throughout.

Add Greenery

In almost every design dilemma, greenery is always the answer. Fresh greens are preferred, but if you’re like me and are only good at keeping kids alive, then faux is the way to go! I scooped up these two faux stems (two of each) to add a bit of life to our counter.

These two stems alone brought so much life and happiness to my counter. But what really made all the difference!? The vase! I scooped up this gorgeous vase from Wayfair and at an amazing price point.

Now, if you plop these florals in the vase that is not going to trick anyone. To make the florals look real you’ll need to trim them down to size and add WATER! Yes, you heard me. Water those fake florals. And count how many people you fool in the process. Realistic and gorgeous in an instant.

Create Functional Beauty by the Kitchen Sink

There are a lot of necessities that need to be near the sink. So, it would seem to most that it’s just impossible to make pretty. Welp, you’re wrong! All you need to do is make a few adjustments and you’ll take the eye sore to heart eyes!

I scooped up a set of two amber glass bottles from Wayfair to replace to store brand dispensers. I added cute custom labels to the jars which really elevated the beauty of the jars and allowed me to distinguish between the hand soap and dish soap. This is a great example of both beauty and functionality.

Add kitchen towels that coordinate with your space. When it comes to kitchen towels, the sky is the limit and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be gorgeous! I love these towels, because they are quick drying so they stay fresh longer and they have and incredible selection!

Kitchen Counter Styling from Wayfair

I am so thrilled with the progress I have made in this space. I have made the very most of what I had before me and I am so pleased with the results and the cost of this design.

kitchen styling with wayfair

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