DIY McGee & Co Hack

Honest to goodness, the absolute hardest part of this DIY is picking out a placemat. I’m not joking…I stood in that Target aisle entirely too long trying to decide which I’d use. I probably picked up and put down ten different mats while my kids attempted to grab all the ceramics off the shelves behind me.

I got the idea for this project from my sweet blogger friend, Dani over at Gold Coast Canvas. You can find her version of this DIY hack on her Instagram under her Wall Art Highlight.

This project is so simple and so easy and very affordable, my version cost me less than $30!! Here is what you’ll need to create your own.

Here is the $244 McGee & Co Hack. Now, Dani ordered her placemat to closely match the one by McGee & Co, so her side by side comparison is much better! But, I’m here to show you that you can use any design you’d like and that will fit in with the design of your home!

Here are the steps to completing this DIY:

  • Grab your materials!
  • Flip the frame insert over so that the white side is showing
  • Line up your placemat to the white side of the frame
  • Add your adhesives to the back of the placemat
  • Insert backing and placemat into frame and voila you’re done!

Next you can decide where to hang your new wall art or simply lean it up against the wall like Dani did on her console table!

Here is my finished product, so easy that Liam was able to help!

And here are some of the other placemats I debated over!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you decide to make your own version of this McGee & Co hack, please tag Dani as this was her original idea, or feel free to tag me and I’ll pass it along to her!



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