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Custom DIY Mudroom Reveal

A small laundry room turned into a gorgeous custom mudroom, complete with lockers and a bench with shoe storage.

I have to say this one feels so good! Tim has called the mudroom project my most impressive project to date, and you know what…I think he’s right! I’m in still in a little bit of shock that the reveal turned out just as I envisioned and that my design board became a reality. With a few tweaks of course, but that’s life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have several favorite moments from this project, but my favorite part is the functionality this space will now provide for my family. From a crammed laundry room where we throw shoes, to a gorgeous mudroom with built in lockers and shoe storage. It just feels like a dream come true.

Thank you to all of you who followed along from the very beginning, when my mind was filled with inspiration images to when I finally laid down my own design to paper. I can’t believe it has now become a reality. It feels so dang good.

Mudroom reveal

Gosh it just feels so unreal. This is 6 weeks worth of sweat, tears, and nap time hustle. I pushed so hard every night when the kids went to bed, Tim probably thought he was back to his bachelor days! Ha! Jokes on him…I’m sticking around!

When I look back at the before photo I can’t help but go back in time. I struggled so much with laundry. Getting the loads washed, and folded and back up stairs was a real struggle and such a chore. It felt like I was constantly failing. Now here we are 2 years later and man oh man does this feel like I hit the jackpot!

Mudroom before

Moving the laundry upstairs helped significantly with this tiny space. The room definitely felt like a mudroom, but the storage was lacking. Shoes never ended up in the shoe cabinet and the flooring was nothing more than a bandaid for the cheap vinyl.

Even though things were better, I knew this space hadn’t maximized its potential. I drew up a design, fell in love, worked hard, and the rest is history! I still can’t believe how closely I was able to bring my design to life!

fraiche and co mudroom design
You can read all about the design and its specifics here: Custom Mudroom Design

Mudroom To Do List

  • Rip up old flooring
  • Lay new tile
  • Hang Light Fixture
  • Paint ceiling
  • Build bench seat
  • Build cubbies
  • Trim out cubbies and doors
  • Build lockers
  • Install Bead board
  • Install Crown Moulding
  • Paint Cubbies and Lockers
  • Install Hooks
  • Baskets
  • Hang art
mudroom flooring

The tile transformed this space in an instant. Ripping out the junky vinyl and replacing it with this gorgeous tile from Tiles Direct USA. This is their Bohemia Miranda Tile and as soon as I laid eyes on it I just knew it needed to go into the design. Its a tile you dream of. I just love its natural edges and I think it will help to conceal all the dirt that a mudroom is bound to take on!

mudroom bench with shoe storage

I hung the light fixture and decided on a whim to paint the ceiling, Storm by Benjamin Moore. I love how painting the ceiling really brings your eyes up. It makes the space feel so much larger and really makes that gorgeous light fixture a statement piece in the room. The fixture is the Elegant Capiz Shell Light by Shades of Light which was so kindly gifted to me for this project.

While all the building was going on, I was also in a never ending basket crisis. Turns out finding the perfect baskets that can withstand the daily beating of shoes is a very hard task. I loved every single basket I considered/purchased but ultimately went with these two because of their durability. The price on both was fair and I felt they could withstand the test of time!

The bead board really helped to finish off the space and I splurged on these hooks because every project needs a splurge and these hooks were a perfect fit in the design. I almost had to scratch them after I waisted $150 on the wrong material, but I patiently waited for a sale and boy did my patience pay off. I ended up purchasing 9 hooks for the project.

This was my first time building a set of built ins. It was completely intimidating, but I found the plans from Plank + Pillow incredibly helpful. I didn’t follow everything exactly and found myself altering a lot, from materials to dimensions. But the directions are incredibly straight forward and easy to navigate.

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Thank you for all the love you have given this project. It’s the fuel I needed to keep going when the project got tough. I truly couldn’t have done it without all of your support! Xoxo,

sign off

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  1. Love Love Love this mudroom 🙂 You did a magnificent job 🙂 Where is your washer/dryer now then?
    Thank you

    1. We moved the laundry up to the master bedroom two years ago! We turned the sitting room into a built in closet and made my walk in closet the laundry room!

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