Molly’s Grandmillennial Bedroom Design

This Grandmillennial inspired bedroom combines soft pastels and patterns to create a perfectly curated space for a little girl.

I keep calling it her “Big Girl Room” when in reality she’s just a little girl. However, I like to think this design would perfectly suit a Big Girl/Teen, which means it’ll grow with her well! This is one of the really neat things about the Grandmillennial style, it transcends age and is loved among all age groups!

I can’t believe I am already designing a Big Girl room for her. It seems like just yesterday I wrapped up her Nursery Design and brought her home from the hospital. Now, she’s almost 2 1/2 and full of so much sass! She can’t stop talking about her big girl bed and I am so excited to start creating it for her!

As is the case with most of my designs, I usually fall in love with a piece and work the design around that item. For this space, I fell in love with a wallpaper. The wallpaper was a bit out of budget, but it provided enough inspiration to create a color palette and an overall theme for the space, “Grandmillennial.” I picked up a stencil which I will use to create a faux wallpaper, you can shop that here!

Grandmillennial Bedroom Design
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What is Grandmillennial Style?

I like to say in short that it is “Millennial” with grandma style. A grandmillennial is someone roughly in their mid 20s-late 30s and they have a love and find comfort in many of the items that our grandparents would collect or use to decorate. Many of these items have been classified as out of style or dated, for instance busy floral prints or plate collections.

The style, however is very much making a comeback and has people craving the color and patterns once again! Grandmillenial is such a classic style and it makes me so happy to see the joy it brings others!

Here are some common elements seen in grandmillennial style:

  • rattan and bamboo furniture
  • chinoisserie/ginger jars
  • blue + white decor
  • florals (usually seen in wallpaper)
  • block prints
  • mixing various colors and patterns
  • embroidered linens
  • ruffles and scallops
  • brass accents and finishes
  • monograms
  • tablecloths and skirted tables


before image

As you can see it is on the smaller side, so coming up with a good design was crucial. I am hoping that the design I have created for this space will really maximize the potential of the room.

Grandmillennial Design Plans

It wouldn’t be a Fraiche + Co project without a few DIYs up my sleeve! My plan is to build a custom daybed with builtins framing the window. I am no expert at all when it comes to furniture building, heck our Mudroom Project is my first experience with building builtins/furniture at all! I am however, an expert at studying Youtube videos and reading blog tutorials. I am sure to make a few mistakes, but I know this is something I can do/figure out!

To Do List:

  • install beadboard wallpaper
  • frame out and build day bed
  • build builtins
  • paint bed, builtins, wallpaper, and trim
  • install trim moulding
  • paint upper wall area
  • stencil upper wall
  • make a roman shade for window
  • install new fan
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I am so excited to get started and to share this journey with you! Thanks for being here!

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