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10 Coastal Cottage Bar Carts for Any Budget

I have been in the market for a bar cart for a looong time, well maybe not that long to some, but since the day we moved in a little over two years ago. When you first enter our home the “formal living room” was on the left, but we converted it to the dining room since it was a larger space and made the former “dining room” a playroom for the kids. Its right off the kitchen so I have the joy of kicking toys out of my kitchen all day long! YAY! But in all seriousness, it was the perfect move because we can now fit a large dining table in the space that can fit both of our large families for holidays and is perfect for hosting a killer party spread!

Last year I found a gorgeous buffet at Habitat for Humanity for only $80. I sanded that sucker down and painted a gorgeous color, Solitude by Benjamin Moore. Its the perfect “grand millennial” blue that I was going for. I was able to restore the vintage hardware and it has really stolen the show! See pics below for the flip!

The only problem with the buffet is that it is currently holding all the liquor, which was not what I envisioned for the decor ha! I really want to get all the liquor off the buffet and have a bar cart to complement the gorgeous buffet! I am so indecisive and trying to narrow it down, so here is a quick little round up of 10 gorgeous carts for any budget! All the carts are linked (affiliate) and I so appreciate you using these links to help support me and this little blog of mine!

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